Epson L380 Printer Drivers Download And Installation Process

Whenever we talk about printers, a couple of brands come in our minds, such as Epson, HP, Samsung, etc. Nowadays, Epson printers are preferred more due to their durability and reliability. Today, we’ll be talking about the Epson L380 printer.

This printer uses Variable-Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) to print documents at a higher speed. Whether you want to print or scan your documents, you can consider this machine as all in one printer. Now, let’s talk about the driver and installation process of Epson L380.

Your printer will not function unless you install the appropriate drivers or software installed in your machine. It is highly recommended to download the drivers from the official website.

How To Get Epson L380 Printer Drivers?

  • You have to first visit the official website of Epson. But, you should also know the bit size and version of your printer and computer.
  • Next, you’ll get a drivers section. Type the name of your printer and select the operating system. Now, click on the ‘Drivers’ option, and you’ll see a list of drivers.
  • You have to select the ‘Printer driver’ option and hit the ‘Download’ button.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Accept’ button to agree with the terms and conditions. Now, your drivers will be automatically downloaded. Make sure you don’t shut off your computer. Wait for all the files of the drivers to get downloaded. Above all, check whether your computer is facing any kind of virus issue; it might affect the driver’s file.

How To Install Epson L380 Printer Drivers?

The above downloading process was the best way to get all the latest driver files. Make sure you store the updated file of drivers in any CD. Finally, it’s time to install all the drivers.

  • Once the setup file is downloaded, just run it. However, with the setup file, the installation wizard will also start running. After a couple of minutes, you’ll see a list of instructions.
  • Make sure, you read all the instructions attentively. This part will be the most crucial one. Now, you have to follow every instruction to install the drivers.
  • Connect the PC with your printer with the help of a USB cable. However, you only have to follow this instruction if it is mentioned in the instructions list. This connection process might take a couple of minutes.
  • Now, you have to enter a couple of values related to your printer in the installation wizard. Make sure you enter all the correct values. Finally, you have to click on the ‘Continue’ button, and your installation process will be successfully completed.
  • In the end, you have to check whether your printer is working or not. To check your printer, try printing some documents and observe the performance and print quality. If your printer is not functioning, you have to follow the whole process again. Make sure, the next time, you follow every instruction.

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