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The Employees ‘ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is an independent statutory body under the Government of India’s Ministry of Labor and Jobs. This is responsible for financing the State Insurance Scheme for Employees (ESI) which is a health scheme developed exclusively for employees in India.

The scheme is self-financing and provides social security for workers in the organized sector in times of medical requirements such as sickness, permanent or temporary physical disability, maternity, death due to job injury resulting in loss of capacity to earn or wages.

The Parliament implemented the Employees ‘ State Insurance Act, 1948, to ensure that the workforce is protected as regards health and finance. The Act was the main law intended to provide employees with social security.

The Act protects eventualities related to health, to which workers are subjected in their daily lives. This includes any type of temporary or permanent disability, workplace-contracted diseases, and any injury that results in loss of capacity to earn. The ESCI Act provides staff with a financial safety net against these ailments.

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is an independent entity within the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The primary purpose of this organization is to fund the state insurance scheme for employees (ESI). This system is primarily planned to meet the medical needs of Indian workers.

It is regulated by the ESIC under the rules and regulations provided. Employees earning a regular average wage up to Rs.137/- are exempted from contribution payments. Nonetheless, employers should pay their share of these workers. The proportion of the contribution rendered by the employer and employee [(w.e.f. 01.07.2019)] varies, 3.25% for employers, and 0.75% for workers, making it a total of 4% of the overall wages paid.

Who is Eligible for ESI?

  • A person who is working on the premise of a non-seasonal factory that has more than 10 employees. This condition is valid pursuant to Article 2(12) of the 1948 ESCI Act.
  • With effect from January 2017, an employee’s overall salary cap is Rs. 21,000 a month for him/her to be covered by the scheme.

How Can I register for the ESIC scheme?

Under the ESI scheme, an establishment or factory which employs more than ten employees is required to register. Registration can be done online through ESIC When the employer submits the correct details to the ESIC Portal, the program will automatically produce a 17-digit code.

The employer has the option of printing a copy of the registration form, which is also sent by email to the employer, along with the login information. The employer is not mandated to physically sign the registration letter, it can be used as valid proof of registration with ESIC.

Wages register

  • Attendance register
  • Accident register
  • Inspection book
  • A file containing all returns submitted and challans.

ESIC Login Process

After all the identification process has been done, the employee earns a specific insurance number valid through the career, regardless of any work switch or shift. In addition, he receives TIC (Temporary Identity Card) after registering the employee, which is valid for 3 months in which to apply for the PEHCHAN Card.

  • Clicking the sign-up button will take you to a new page displaying the details listed below in the screenshot.
  • When you have given all the necessary information, you will be successfully registered under ESIC Portal.
  • Using their insurance number as a user ID, when the registration is done, the employee or insured person must sign into the portal / login.aspx. Upon logging into the ESIC site, he will assess his and his employer ‘s cumulative contribution along with other ESIC eligible benefits, etc.

Documents Required to Get ESIC Account Registration

  • Documents relating to factory / firm / establishment constitution.
  • List of partners/administrators and their emails.
  • Document supporting the date of commencement of the organization.
  • PAN card copy of the organization
  • Address proof

Benefits of Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme

  • Health benefit: The covered person and his / her family members are given full medical treatment. There are no fixed limits for these medical costs in the system.
  • Sickness benefit: cash reimbursement up to 70% of salaries is paid for registered sickness for up to 91 days a year.
  • Impairment advantage: In the event of complete impairment, a payment of up to 90% of income is paid each month. In the case of temporary disability, the duration of the compensation shall be paid for as long as the individual is disabled.
  • Maternity benefit: Maternity benefit is available for twenty-six (26) weeks to female workers and, if necessary, may be extended for an additional month.
  • Dependent benefit: If the insured person dies due to work-related hazards or job-related injury, the insured’s family member receives monthly installments equal to 90% of the wages.
  • Funeral expenses: The insured’s dependents are paid an amount equal to Rs. 15,000 for performing the funeral ceremony.
  • Confinement Expenses: If the insured or dependent is confined to a position where there are no ESIC facilities available, a sum equivalent to Rs. 5000 is paid. The profit is available up to two times at most.

The social security provision of the Act counterbalances or negates the financial or physical distress resulting from contingencies at the time. The scheme aims to uphold the dignity of workers in times of crisis by protecting them from deprivation and social degradation while allowing them to retain and sustain socially useful and productive manpower.

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