IRCTC App for PC Windows 10/8

IRCTC App for PC: IRCTC is an app used by people all over India. IRCTC means Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. IRCTC is a railway ticket booking app which is helped to book the railway ticket online and travel on the date. The IRCTC app lets you get the railways information and about the trains. The app is very suggestible for the travellers. It saves the time of the persons who love travelling.


Download the irctc app from the browser in the Apk file. Then come to the desktop and go to the system apps and install the app used by the app installer in the system. For pc irctc app is best and gives more effective feature to use the app. Its is very easy to use and comfortable. IRCTC app helps the people not to go to the railway office to book the railway tickets. It helps the people book the ticket online. Reserving the railway tickets before the travelling leads to less stress. The app is featured and very advanced.


There are many advantages due to the irctc. Because of the rush in the public we cant go and get the tickets in the office. We cant even talk to the railway officer to know the details. Its very difficult to roam and know the information from the office. By the help of the app we can book the tickets.

Know the information about the place we need to go etc.,. Irctc is a great for travellers. They use it easily whether they or not. Due to the modern world people love to surf in the internet, so they simply love the app. By the use of this app we can save the time and do our work.


There are many features which irctc provide for the passengers. The features developed by the irctc app are

  • Colour coding the trains with help of app.
  • Couch selection for booking the seats in
  • Booking meal to have in the
  • We can also link the
  • It allows the passengers to book the tickets 24/7.
  • In the app use e wallet

There, even more, features in the app which we can use it. It helps the people in very good manner. It is great to use and book the train tickets. The features lets the person to know the

best seats and comfortable seats they need. The features are very easy to learn how to book the trian tickets. It gives us to pay online payments also. We can pay the amount in the online.

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IRCTC app is very easy to use. Even children also can book train tickets online. Or reserve the seats. Firstly, we should download the apk from the browser in the pc and install by using the apk installer in the pc. Then open the app and sign in into the app with the mail or Facebook or any other resources you have.

Then search for the location you want to go and see the train timing and date when you want to go to the trip. Then select the train you need to go. Then select the date you need to go. Then select the seats that how many you want. Then see the train timings and select the pay option and pay the amount by online. You can happily get the tickets and you can save time and you attend the train on time. In the end you also track the train where is it. We can find the train where it is in the time when we look to it.


IRCTC app is affiliated by the central government of India. The Indian government has developed this app by their developer’s. We can use the app all over India. We can use this app day and night all over the week. This app can be very useful the all Indian to save their time.

They can easily book or reserve their tickets online to go for trips, tours, holidays etc.,. People love to use this all for their convenience. The people can suggest others and they can also use the app. The people appreciate you for suggesting the app.


The app got high ratings due to the excellent work from the app. The users are very happy to use the app. They are feeling very good for the app. They are getting less time for booking the train tickets. In the reviews they are suggesting many others to use this app. They are very comfortable and happy for the Indian government for the app and saving their time.

The travellers are loving the app and supporting it very good. This app is one of the best app developed by the Indian government. The app is effectively exploring the in-between the peoples. The people love the app for its features and more capacity of handling the users. The Indian government developed app IRCTC that helps the people to book the train tickets.

The app is very comfortable and very convenient to use by the people. It has a very high rating and a good review for the app. This app is developed by the government developers who have more experience about the peoples and their abilities. This app is really awesome. This app gives you features like catering, tourism, hospitality services also.

IRCTC App for PC is featuring you to get online tickets and get meals and berth and sleepers too. The app which helps the people to save time and get online train tickets for travelling India. Please do download the app and enjoy the service and have a good journey.

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