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Joox is a great non-Asian app that streams music and videos. It’s an amazing app for people who love to listen to the music. It’s a music and video streaming app. It’s a very excellent app for the listeners. It is developed by the Tencent company to make it more effective.


Joox is a video link app that gives you the video link to enjoy the videos. The JOOX lets you feel free to see the videos and listen to the music. It is a very conditional app the users that love music and video. Joox is a very easily operated app. It can be used all over the world by installing into the pc or into the androids.


The JOOX app takes you to the peak stage that you can enjoy the music and videos online. You can subscribe to the premium in the JOOX app for better quality music. You can explore the music world by the JOOX app. Its very easy to use in our daily life. Its very peaceful to hear the music in this app. It provides very conditional music to the users. It allows the user to feel the great music.


Firstly, go to the Apk of joox in the browser. Then go to the system apps and install by using app installer from the system. Then open the joox app and enjoy the audio and video streaming. The joox app makes you very comfortable for the use of music streaming online.

Amazing app provided by the Tencent.


Advantages of the app are high in number. We can select the quality of the music. The joox is very interesting and awesome app. The people who use the music apps for listening the music joox helps them very great manner. They can listen to music and enjoy and relax. This helps to reduce the stress and depression levels of the people who are more workaholic. We can offline the songs by downloading the songs when we don’t have the network on that time we enjoy from the downloaded songs.


Joox is a app which is used to stream the music and videos online. Downloading the music, we can play the songs without internet. The app is very convenient for online streaming. Music makes us relax and feel stress free. It allows us to keep in touch with music where ever we are.

We can use it the pc, android, windows etc.,. The videos that are played in app are very clear and very pleasant. In the app we can use features to better the condition.


Features provided by the app are very comfortable for the user to use the app.

  • Videos
  • Music
  • Playlists
  • Albums
  • Downloads
  • Lyrics ,.

These feature help the user to get more comfort and more speed to get the songs they wanted. We can also search the songs that we need to hear. The app will let you enjoy the music you need. The music we listen is having clear clarity and pleasant.


From the joox app we can hear the songs, we can watch the videos, we get entertained by the app for stress relief. Its a great that makes us happy. Its very easy to control. Its eco friendly app for all the age groups in the home. The makes the environment friendly and pleasant. Joox app is very suggested app by the users all around the world. The people who use this app gave the high rating after the use of The app. The people in the home, it means elders, children’s, adults, old peoples can also handle the very easily. All can control the app by their own. For the pc joox app is very convenient to use. The joox app is amazing app which is used by the thousands of people all over the world. If you need the music and videos you can search the content and enjoy.

Joox app is very good and great app for the music lovers. They can enjoy the music by their own and they can share the links to your friends etc.,. The people can appreciate you when u suggest this app for them. The app is good and healthy for the users. The user can be download and get lyrics to sing with the flow.


Joox app is available in many languages all over the world. The available languages are

  • English,
  • Traditional Chinese,
  • Simplified Chinese,
  • Burmese,
  • Indonesian,
  • Malay.

Tencent company developed the joox app very modern and more featured. This app allows you to use all over the world. Languages in the app lets you hear in many languages as you want.

Joox app is launched in Jan of 2015. Joox’s owner is tencent company. It worked very hard to increase the rate of the app. They used many features to attract the people and enjoy the music and videos. Joox app is published in many countries like

  • Hong Kong
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia ,.

Tencent realized in south Africa as 1st non-Asian app. In this, you subscribe to the premium and paid versions in the app. We can pay the app for premium and enjoy the premium quality of videos and music. Joox app is getting 87 million of users to 2020. We can also use this app for free. In this app user can get the lyrics when he wants and which song he wants. The app is helpful for the starters of the music listeners. Joox is suggested by many users throughout the world. Joox’s playlists are very crazy and very favorable for the peoples. Download now and share to your friends and let them enjoy too. Have a good time.

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