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In this ongoing pandemic, people mostly have been sitting at home and have also tried to explore different types of interests rather than only the field in which they work. Some of the major interests that people may have developed recently could be cinema also, as earlier due to immense workload these types of interests could not be harnessed. So, to cater to these interests of the people, many websites have been launched with the motive of providing wholesome entertainment at their homes only.


Movies Papa is one of the most significant websites on the internet that helps movie lovers satisfy their cravings to watch a particular film. This website has the most extensive collection of movies worldwide in whichever language you would like to see the film. This platform is not just made for the film, but it also contains many other things such as web series, tv series, songs and dubbed shows. The best part is that all of the content available on this website is available for free, and all the stuff can easily be downloaded. This website itself provides different downloading links for downloading the movie in whichever quality you would want to watch the film.

To serve people with all these interests and also with an aim to increase the revenue of these platforms, many online platforms such as Amazon Prime and Zee5 have been launched that help all the people to view their favourite movies and web series in the highest quality at the comfort of their homes. But for the people who are not so keen to buy the subscription of these platforms, there are amazing websites like Movies Papa, which help to satisfy all the cravings related to the movies of the people. This website almost has all the different movies and web serials for which the people buy the subscription to the different platforms and also has the blockbusters for which usually people are lured towards these platforms. Hence, these websites can act as a boon as well as a curse. A boon for the people and a curse for the filmmakers.

Do you know there could be a case where we can all watch our favorite movies for free on the internet? There is a platform named as Movies Papa, which helps us to see all the movies on the internet that too free of cost in the highest quality that too on the same day on which the movie is released in the cinema houses.

If we are to know about this website in detail, then, Movies Papa is an illegal website which you can use for the watching of movies, tv shows and web series. Most of the users of this website use this as a source to watch all the Tamil and Telugu blockbusters, as this website is a major source of it. Apart from the Tamil and the Telugu blockbusters, all the movies of some other regional languages are also available like Assamese, Odia and Bhojpuri movies.

Many websites already have been created for this purpose already. So, we have to provide many facilities that make this website better than others. So further we will discuss more about these facilities: –

  1. We can watch any of our favorite movies for free on this platform.
  2. This platform has the highest collection of movies. Along with the Bollywood and Hollywood movies, there is a large collection of regional movies also.
  3. There are some movies, especially, for which people buy the subscription of different platforms. The best thing is that all those movies are available for free on this platform.
  4. The user interface of this website is blue and white in color and this combination of colors when used properly looks very attractive. The developers of these websites have used this combination to the best extent possible.

Movies Papa is a very widely known website that has been long famous for illegally releasing the best movies. When there is a movie that is released in the cinema houses, everyone is very excited to watch that movie, but obviously to watch that movie you have to purchase a ticket. Now, purchasing a ticket will help the cinema houses and the filmmakers to earn profit. But these websites which release these movies illegally actually cut down the profit of the crew workers and their hard work. Now this has to be stopped and the government has to take strict actions against it.

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Now, if a person is checking this website for the first time, then we will further explain all the steps to find the movie which you have come here to watch: –

  1. Firstly, whenever we visit this website on the home page, there are about twenty columns in the shape of rectangles.
  2. There are different genres written on those rectangles like Arabic Movies, Assamese Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Gujarati Movies, and Bengali Movies.
  3. This website is one of the very few websites that also have 300 MB movies, Web Series, Different trailers of many movies, some movies categorized as uncategorized, and some of the very famous TV shows.
  4. This website also provides Marathi movies, Odia Movies, Irani Movies and Kannada movies at special request of the customer services.
  5. Under the display of all these movies lists, there is a showcasing of those movies which are very famous and can also be categorized as blockbusters. These movies are the best movies that this website provides its viewers for free.
  6. At the bottom of the page, they have also provided a telegram link to join their community and check the website regularly for the latest updates and the new movies launched on the website.

The people behind these websites do not understand the fact that there is a lot of hard work that goes into making a movie, and the releasing of that particular movie is the reward of all the hard work done. The premature release of these movies prevents all the crew members from getting compensation, which should not be done. If the film is a box office hit, it acts as an added incentive for the crew, but these websites usually prevent it.

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