Sarkari yojana | All schemes of the government | Complete details

What is meant by Sarkari yojana?

Basically the word Sarkari is a hindi word that means” Government” in their language and Yojana means the programs and the schemes that are implemented by them for the welfare the people and society. Since we are the people of India here each and every action taken only by two departments either by state government or by the central government.

The major role is played by the prime minister of India .At present the prime minister of India is “Narendra Damodardas Modi” .There lots categories in them and also many sub categories in below of them.

What is main objective of sarkari yojana?

 The main theme or objective of the sarkari yojana is to assist the poor and needy people who are not financial well developed. This scheme support the people financially, economically , spiritually and finally emotional too. Since to make the people more aware about this type scheme government itself is providing thier own programmed apps.

Eligibility criteria for sarkari yojana:

 Actually this term sarkari yojana is the title for the mixture of social welfare schemes which are implemented in various states of India. So we can’t combinly address all these different types of categories into the single one. Different sectors have their own requirements depending on these conditions only they will ask us to submit the mentioned documents only for enquiry and verification.

Even though we can say some recommend documents which are common to many of them. They are identity proof of an individual like adhaar card or Pan card or voter id and income proof we can submit either income certificate which is issued by the revenue department of India or we can also submit ration card of any region. And finally for residency proof we must show the nativity certificate which is issued by the regional officer.

Various sarkari yojana schemes in different states:

The complete list of sarkari yojana programs in AP in different sectors are,

In agricultural sector:

In the section of agriculture the major one is “Rythu Barosa” which is associated with PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana which offers some money to the farmers who are not able to meet their extends in cultivating their land. Even though the government is still providing seeds in this scheme with subsidy rates.  And also the second one is making the farmers to register the crops which they are cultivated in Kharif season to make proper arrangements of selling these crops in the useful and beneficial manner.

Since the farmers who are not economically efficient to dig a bore well on their own these government is making a record a digging a bore well to the required farmers without any charge of money. The popular name of this scheme is taken from the basic knowledge and put it as “AP Ysr Jala Kala Scheme”.

And to run this bores more amount of electricity is consumed to minimize these cost to zero “Agriculture Electricity Cash Transfer scheme” is implemented by engaging this one we are don’t  want to pay bill as well as a new digital meter will be attached to the motor .

In educational sector:

Regarding the studies this present government wants to bring a tremendous change. So many more new policies are provided to make and build interest in the minds of children. New programs like “Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Scheme” in which the government of AP is providing the students to new bags, uniform, books and shoes etc.,

which will help both the parents and students financially and also due to this pandemic situation most the people lost their livelihood and occupation so no source of income in any single family at that time it helped a lot.

And in the initial start of this year, he have already implemented two important and useful programs for the higher education students like “Jagananna Vasathi Deevena Scheme .And amma vodi is for every children who are studying in both government and private colleges from 1st to 10th class. These schemes are helpful for normal road side kids also to make their future better and beautiful.

In normal welfare sector:

Apart from the above two sectors there are so many other schemes also. They are “YSR Pelli Kanuka Scheme” for the people who married recently with intercaste marriages they are able to get some money in this scheme. The main cause of work postpone in any region is because of illness only and not able to take the perfect treatment to it so the government came forward according to this to make healthy society by implementing  “YSR Arogyasri Scheme” and “YSR Arogya Asara Scheme”.

The another wonderful program which used to make the persons who are dropouts of the education stream is “Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme”. The persons who are not able to proper eye site and eye problems are given registration in “YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme” for their improvement in vision.

The people who are working as drivers and keepers in the private industrial companies and in their own vehicles for this type of people two schemes are introduced they are “AP YSR Scheme for Auto & Taxi Cab Drivers and AP YSR Vahana Mitra” Scheme in both them they will give some amount of money directly into the account.

As there are different schemes in Andhra Pradesh like that in Telangana also present they are:

In Telengana state most of all the works are done in online only. Either for applying or checking the status. Recently regarding the registration of the lands as per the records “Dharani land registration scheme” is introduced for our purposes. “.


Since in the above session we have discussed only the two states which is familiar to us Sarkariyojana schemes in other states also this program is going well and like this way only they are implementing other states like Punjab ,Rajasthan ,Arunachal Pradesh ,Sikkim ,Tamilnadu ,Karnataka etc.,

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