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Login to SBI HRMS & Gyanodaya eLearning SBI Portal at and get all the information about the SBI portal to e-learning. SBI Gyanodaya E-learning portal is a platform where its employees can learn about new banking or service changes and updates. State Bank of India launched an e-learning platform known as SBI.

This platform is created or launched by SBI to test the latest developments and updates about SBI Banking and its services for the ease of its employees. This SBI e-learning also known as the e-learning platform of the SBI Gyanodaya.

Completing the module and getting a certificate of that is mandatory for every SBI employee. Various modules are designed to suit various job positions. Each module consists of online registration and offline workshops on the E-learning platform. Virtual workshops and seminars are introduced to offer realistic on-the-job training on the latest updates.

Once you first enter the SBI gyanodaya e-learning platform then that time State Bank of India will provide you with the username and password of your login. You can conveniently login to web site using this username or password.

  • If you don’t have your username and password then you can send an email to HR to get all the details you need about the SBI e-learning portal.
  • The first step is to visit the e-learning platform SBI Gyanodaya which is
  • Now click on the Login button for SBI eLearning.
  • Now open a login tab.
  • Now enter your password and your username.
  • Click the Enter button.
  • You will now be logged into your SBI Gyanodaya E-learning account with success.

SBI e-learning certificates

The SBI E-learning certificate is a must for every employee to be employed in any SBI branch. In addition to that, there are many advantages to having a certificate related to a specific role in the job. Holding a credential helps get a promotion. It also reflects that a person is qualified and trained to do a specific job.

There are two types of certificates.

  • Internal Certificate:- The bank staff give an internal certificate. These kinds of certificates are intended for award staff. Award staff consists of employees who are called in charge of cash and who are not in charge of the office. This is also mandatory for them to apply for a certificate dependent on job positions. The internal certificate process consists of online registration followed by workshops offline
  • External Certificate:- External Certificate is awarded by RBI. And it is for officer scale employees of scale 1 to scale 5. Unlike an internal certificate, it is not given by the staff of the bank. The process to apply for this certificate is the same as for any other certificate. First, the employee has to apply for module-based training online and then he has to attain offline workshops and seminars.

How To Get SBI e-learning certificates?

Now all the employees who apply for the certificate and attend the training session will get the e-learning certificate here as they get it.

Award staff: Cash-in-Charge employees and all non-office staff fall within the category of Award Staff. Now if you are one of them then you must apply for certification and training online first.

After that, you need t to attend seminars and workshops offline to get the proper information related to the certificate of the applied bases of roles.

Officers: Level 1 to 5 officers are included in this category of officers. Now just like the award workers, you will need to apply online via the SBI E-learning portal for the position bases certification. Once you have applied then the workshops and training will be carried out offline.

Once training is completed, the online exam will take place and you must obtain minimum passing marks to obtain an e-learning certificate.

What is the use of SBI e-Learning?

Maximum SBI employees want to know about using SBI e-learning and I know you all have a question like this about what’s the advantage of the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal and how it can help the employees? So here I’ll tell you the advantages and reasons for using this SBI E-learning portal.

Certifications: There are many new policies and courses and services launched by the SBI day by day and each new policy updated comes with the new model in the SBI learning platform. So, you get the certification in that particular module when you complete this new model course.

Promotion: SBI now made it compulsory to apply for promotion. You need a certificate of at least one position bases during the promotional period.

Promotion Types and Certificate

Now the latest big points are that you should have the basic details about the promotion level of SBI eLearning and you should also have the certification for that particular promotional level. Here is the list of certificates that are required for a particular promotional level.

SBI eLearning Help Desk and Support

State Bank of India has set up an SBI e-Learning Help Desk and Support team to assist all its new and other employees who don’t know how to get your certificate with any other information related to your SBI E-Learning Certificate.

Just send an email to the SBI eLearning certification team and you will receive all the troubleshoots in your account.

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