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SSR Movies : It is quite a very well-known fact that the internet has almost an answer to everything whenever we have to search for anything on it. Well, there has been technological advancement in the past decade. So you can trust any query of yours to be resolved in a matter of seconds. One such thing that this technological advancement has brought along with it is that the internet people have brought all the movies that range from the oldest to the latest on the internet.

The reason behind these people doing this is that after all internet has been designed in a way to make the jobs or any other task very easy for the people so that it can be completed without much hassle so in the same way it has brought all the movies on the internet and this is the reason that nowadays many cinemas have now started to incur losses and because of that many cinema owners do not have enough budget to release the newest blockbusters in the cinema. The online and illegal firing of these movies has stopped all crew which do a lot of hard work behind the film’s casting.


The government should take many measures against these websites to prevent them from releasing these movies online themselves, to help the cinema workers. At least, something that can quickly be taken care of is that they should prevent these websites from releasing these movies on the same morning before they are released in the cinemas. Now, suppose the films are released on the same morning on which they are officially released. In that case, most people will download them online on laptops or mobiles to watch them before others. Another important thing that can be considered is that if we watch the movie online itself rather than going to the cinema and buying the ticket, then us not buying the key will not reward all the crew member of the film for the hard work that they have put on in to provide a source of entertainment to all of us.

Now we will talk about another website that releases all the types of movies online, and the name of the website is SSR Movies.

  1. Now the speciality of SSR Movies is that they released all kinds of movies of whichever language you want to see.
  2. Some of the languages of the movies they release are Hindi movies, English Movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Urdu movies and Malayalam movies.
  3. This is one of the very few websites that also upload some of the very renowned web series along with the very famous movies. Some of the very famous web series that this website has released are some of the films of the avenger’s franchise like Endgame, Age of Ultron, Batman vs Superman and Civil War.
  4. This is the first website that has been releasing the very famous web series called Loki. This is one of the latest web series, and the episodes of this have been releasing lately on the OTT platform named Disney Plus Hotstar.
  5. But again, we know that Hotstar is a paid platform, and to view this content, we have to buy a subscription. Still, furthermore, this website provides all this for free, so it acts like a lottery for that person who is a fan of Loki but does not have a subscription to this platform.
  6. This website also provides its customers with some short films that are usually based on humanitarian causes, natural causes, and some of them are also based on how some superheroes battle all the enemies to save their countries or their planet.
  7. Some of the series have also been released by this website, and the terrible thing is that those were the remarkable series that only they had released. Like if we consider some of the web series like Hostages and Special Ops, we know that this series was mainly released by Hotstar and some others like Mirzapur or Family Man, which were only released on the platform of Amazon Prime.

If we look at the above points, we can quickly conclude that these types of websites are an absolute boon for the people and should not be banned at all. But everyone in this world likes to get paid or at least wants a reward for all the hard work they have done, and if someone else takes the credit for our hard work, then we know that it is one of the most hurtful things to come across.

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We need to understand the fact that here the filmmaker and their crew members are the ones who have been doing all the necessary hard work to look forward to the day when their movie releases in the cinema become a hit amongst the people, and the people give them credit. Still, instead of that, it has been these illegal websites that have been taking all the credits quite a few times, and it’s high time that some legal action needs to be taken against them.

We will now provide you with some of the necessary stuff that needs to be taken care of if you are to search for a movie on this platform.

  1. When we first open this website, there is a search bar right on the top asking what we are searching for.
  2. Then there comes a giant column that itself is quite a big one, and that contains small columns on which the names of different genres are written and asks what the movies we are interested in are.
  3. Then some movies are showcased below, and those movies or show or web series are one of the best that they have on their website.
  4. These are some of the movies that have been responsible for the increased revenue of this website and so the website shows all these movies on the front page so as to attract the attention of the viewers so that they can get to know about various other things like quality of the movie or so.

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