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What is meant by SSSM id?

 Normally it is one of the schemes which work for the welfare of the society. The full name of this scheme is ” samagra samajik suraksha mission (SSSM)”. This scheme majorly offers financial support to the eligible people. It is intiative program taken in “Madya Pradesh”. Multiple online as well offline services are available for the residents of that state.

 Foundation of SSSM scheme:

 Since anything that happens in any state that will be under the control of that state chief minister. At present it is under the control of running chief minister “Shivraj Singh Chouhan”. He is great politician who became chief minister only to serve the people with his work. Now it is going on very successfully without any disturbance and many new ways are also implemented in it. The main theme of this scheme is to bring every huge online service to the foot of the common people.

  The main objectives of samagra samajik suraksha mission (SSSM) portal are:

  1. Transparency and normal implement of either works or schemes in front of every people.
  2. Using the methods of internet banking and e-banking to do the works in very less time without any delay.
  3. To abolish the process of taking a pre-planned appointment at any place to attend the place.
  4. Helping to the unknown people with the help of helpline and also with virtual.
  5. Have only simplified rules and regulations to avoid the inconvenience of the people.
  6. Very less costs with reasonable payments also for the services received.

  Eligibility criteria for applying SSSM scheme:

  1. The first and foremost one is he must a resident of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. His nativity does not belong to other states or regions.
  3. Must have government-issued domicile certificate.
  4. Applicable only for small and moderate-income people.

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  Documents required for applying SSSM scheme:

 Before we are applying for this scheme we must be sure about our documents which are submitted for verification and any discrepancy it may leads to cancellation of that process.

 * An identity proof which is issued by the government of India it may be adhaar card or Pan Card or voter ID.

 * Income certificate which determines the income status of a person which is given only mondal revenue department.

 * If any person is physically handicapped then they must produce physical disability certificate which is given by the medical department of India.

 * And for any category based persons are present in any applicants they want show caste certificate from regional thasildar of their region.

 * Bank account details of the applicant for money transferring purposes.

 * Few photos copies which are used for attestment on the application form.

Services provided in this scheme:

 The people or group of people who are registered in this scheme can able to get this advantages if needed.

NREGA money distribution:

The people who have been working under the program of “MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)” are able to get the money deposited directly into their account without any form filling process. And also new people who want to get a job in this program they can also register in it via this scheme.

Food security and also its development:

The people who are able cultivate their own land because of meager availability of the sources. This type peoples will get some benefits including seeds distribution and subsidy charges.

This one not only supports cultivators it also help the homeless people who are not having food ,water and shelter. They will come under the category of BPL. Government itself provide them everything in the form ration shops and the Annapurna act etc,.

Samagra scholarship for higher education:

The children who are very interested in the track of studying but discontinued because of financial problems. This kind of people can register in this portal for getting government scholarship for their education in the name of ‘Samagra scholarship (MP)”. This is applicable only for economically weaker section people. The students who have already applied for a scholarship can check their scholarship status in the same portal.

Insurance coverage:

The main cause of this one is safety. Because if a person dies without any reason in a short period of time by any cause. Their family members will suffer a lot because of no backup support. To avoid this type of inconvenience the government is providing this type of preplanned programs.

Which will give us money at once after this situation is done in any family. To get this benefit first of all we must register in the portal and have to pay small amount weekly or monthly. Finally this amount is given at a time to us even with interest and some more money which is given by the government itself.

Women welfare development program and upliftment of physically disabled:

These two are the main things which must be boosted in every society for the increase of national development. Even these programs are providing jobs for both the physically disabled and women. Most of the people who are getting jobs in this type are leading their life wonderfully. It is such an amazing scheme that will be inspirational to others.

Various types of samagra id`s available in this portal:

Since there are different types of categories are present that’s why different ids are needed to address them uniquely that too they are given based on the principle “Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhaya”. They are,

Family ID:

This given to the group of people who will come under the kind of family. A “unique eight-digit number” is given to them as identity and also as proof for them. This number is very useful for them in the future to get any benefits from the government directly.

Member ID:

Apart from the family id and also the group id, an individual in the family must have to proof their presence in any region. In that case, A “unique nine-digit number” is issued by that government as a reference to them in society. For a person if he is a student he will able to get a scholarship using this number, If he is an old aged person he able to apply for a pension and can get a pension directly using this number.

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